Google’s Search Quality Crisis 

Nick Heer (via Michael Tsai):

[U]sers should have always been viewing search results with much more scrutiny than they do. But many people are lulled into believing that Google’s representation of the truth is the correct one. Their rich snippet answer box made this already-pervasive belief far worse by highlighting a single piece of a webpage as, seemingly, The Answer, even for questions where The Answer doesn’t exist. That’s a deliberate design decision on Google’s part, and one that should be reversed.

Can You Deal? by Bleached 

Can You Deal? takes on the complexities of issues female musicians encounter in an industry dominated by men. With this fire in their bellies, they connected with Alex Newport (Bloc Party, Mars Volta) to produce the EP. With their singularly triumphant mix of sunny melodies, thrashing guitars and lyrics highlighting the darker sides of life, Bleached continues to demand your attention

The title track is pretty great.

Republicans Hate Privacy (and Probably America too) 

John Gruber, on “The 265 Members of Congress Who Sold You Out to ISPs, and How Much It Cost to Buy Them:”

There’s no argument that can be made in defense of this bill other than that the Republican party believes that increasing the profits of telecom companies is more important than protecting the privacy of people.

The Small World of Modern Thrillers 

Nicholas Barber for The Economist:

There is something similar going on in numerous films and television series. The phenomenon has been called “universe-shrinking”.... Again and again, sprawling conflicts are being reduced to family feuds.... [N]ow that studios are so reliant on overseas sales, they don’t want to risk offending foreign markets. It’s safer to be personal than political.

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