About Me

Hello, I’m a political scientist and I code. I like numbers and statistics. I build websites.

I make a website that builds websites and I help people make apps.

I also study American political institutions, elections, Congress, and computational political economy. But to be honest, also baseball, politics, music, food, and comic books.

After completing my Ph.D. in Political Science at Duke University, I moved to Milwaukee in Summer of 2006 and Pittsburgh in Fall 2018.

Since Fall 2013, I’ve been consulting at asoxial and lately focused on building asocialfolder – a brand-new publishing platform for the web based on Markdown and Dropbox file syncing.

If you need some help with data science, web development, or anything else fun please get in touch.

Around the web

Hear the sound of my voice I was a guest on Horace Dediu’s podcast, The Critical Path: You Say You Want a Revolution (episode #163). We discussed politics and disruption. It was fun and you should listen to it.

I’ve got an academic cv (which is gathering dust, but has useful links to political science stuff).

I’ve also got some pictures, photographs, etc floating around this website here and some other places too.

I put my stuff in asocialfolder and this website popped out.

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