The U1 Chip in the iPhone 11 Is the Beginning of an Ultra Wideband Revolution 

Nice piece from Jason Snell about some cool new short distance wireless technology to replace or at least greatly augment Bluetooth.

Across various podcasts last week, there was a great deal of speculation that Apple withheld a tile-like beacon device because the technology wasn’t ready (remember AirPower, they said).

But an Apple tile wouldn’t be terribly useful without a vast and scattered set of devices able to link them to the Internet. So an equally plausible reason (and not a last minute decision) to delay such a tile would be to wait until there were idk maybe 50 million Ultra Wideband capable iPhones in the world instead of basically zero. Not to mention third party IoT type gadgets.

So maybe don’t get too excited until next September. Which also leaves time for Apple to extend Ultra Wideband into any iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, HomePods, etc.

Such a Shame Our Friendship Had to End

I’ve been basking in The Wicked + The Divine as a way to celebrate (slash mourn) its conclusion.

Which led to me wondering who I would have used as inspiration for a pantheon based in Boston instead of Gillen and McKelvie’s London.

So maybe Jon Fishman as Dionysus or maybe Hermes or some other trickster god (like Veles)?

And now maybe you can see how one ends up watching several versions of Phish covering Purple Rain. Here’s one from 2012-07-04 and another from 1995-10-21.

Smart Speaker Surveillance Is First Skirmish in AI Data Battle 

The framing of this Financial Times article by Richard Waters is off.

First in the dek, “Machines have an insatiable need for our personal information.” And then again in the body text (so don’t blame it all on SEO):

[T]he machines have an insatiable need, and the processing of this type of personal data won’t stop…

It’s machines don’t need. It’s people that need. I don’t know, maybe people are too easily confused by referring to things as A.I.?

The conclusion hooks back into place though:

Left unchecked, [machine learning systems] could lead to a new digital capitalism run wild, as companies seek to exploit their new powers to understand and influence humanity purely to feed their own bottom lines. This is the warning contained in Surveillance Capitalism, the recent tome by Harvard Business School professor Shoshana Zuboff that has become a rallying cry for the digitally disaffected.

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