AT&T: Give us $10 per month to access your existing family plan data bucket.

Me: Okay and how much more data do I get in my bucket per month?

AT&T: None, but you have to lock your SIM card to our network.

Me: Um… brb.

T-Mobile: please accept our offer of 200mb/mo of free LTE data.

Me: Thanks, I will!


[several months pass]


T-Mobile: Hey, you’ve used over 80% of your 200mb allotment this month. Toss us $10 and we’ll give you 5gb.

Me: Ha! What’s the catch?

T-Mobile [sheepishly]: You have 150 days to use the 5gb, BUT we promise not to dip into this bucket until you exhaust your free 200mb.

Me: Wait, that’s not a catch?

T-Mobile: I love you!

Me: I know.


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