[The iPhone] 6 Plus should never have shipped with just 1 gigabyte [of memory]. What’s more, the whole thing makes me more skeptical than ever of Apple’s decision not publicize their mobile devices’ memory specifications. The implication is that users shouldn’t have to worry about counting RAM anymore, and while that may be closer to being true than it ever was before, it’s still not quite realistic. The amount of RAM that Apple shipped with the iPhone 6 Plus last year was just enough memory to get by in 2015; what they should have shipped was twice that… in order to really get away with deprecating this particular specification, Apple should be shipping more than enough, rather than just enough.

Khoi Vinh

This but also for the iPhone 6. A user can (begrudgingly) learn to manage their way around 16 GB of storage, but 1 GB of memory is something that can only ever be at best tolerated and then still the limit will regularly and perhaps very frequently be annoying.

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