Peter Thiel Is Trying to Destroy the Media 

Felix Salmon is worried about the company Thiel keeps or rather the companies that might keep Thiel. In particular, Facebook:

One can only hope that Zuckerberg’s motivations, and those of his wife Priscilla, are more noble than Thiel’s. Because Zuckerberg has pledged to spend almost all of his fortune on trying to change the world, and is open to spending it in non-tax-deductible ways if those have a greater effect. If Zuckerberg agrees with Thiel that this kind of activity is noble and philanthropic, then the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative could wreak enormous damage on the world.

Thiel sits on Facebook’s board, alongside Silicon Valley mega-investor Marc Andreessen. If he remains there, after these latest revelations, that’s a clear sign that Zuckerberg places great stock in how Thiel thinks and acts. And that is worrying not only in terms of Facebook’s future, but also for what the world can expect to see from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and other likeminded philanthropic ventures.

Latest best evidence that Facebook is not a force for good.

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