Welcome to the Paul Ryan Presidency 

Jim Newell is on to something over on Slate:

[Paul Ryan] speaks of what the new “government” will do as though we’re in a parliamentary system. That would make Donald Trump the figurehead monarch, and Paul Ryan the prime minister. Let Trump be head of state, if that flatters him. Ryan will gladly assume head of government.

The head of government has done his homework and knows what he wants to achieve, while the head of state is still in the period of processing that he’s the head of state.

Ryan has the legislative strategy, the legislative numbers, and the legislation itself ready to go.


The contrast in preparedness with Trump’s team is striking. First: What is Trump’s team right now, beyond the few communications and strategy folks he’ll carry over from the campaign? Even the team that’s supposed to pick the team, as of Tuesday morning, was in chaos…. The Trump team does not know what it’s doing. The head of state is not familiar with the demands of the job, and so the demands of the job will flow elsewhere.

It might not be the Conditional Party Government you wanted, but there’s a good chance it’s the Conditional Party Government we have right now. Who knew that a bigoted, bloviating, indolent slug of a man was the final condition?

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