Cooking As A Service 

Jason Kottke gaming out the future of app-based meal delivery services:

Flexible, modular kitchens that are available for rent for any chef who wants to cook in it, and that have easy access to delivery cars and which pay for no front-of-house extras seem pretty obviously like the next iteration of back-end Cooking as a Service, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them pop up everywhere soon enough. If they can collectively bring down the cost of outsourced cooking another 20-30%, I think the economics start looking pretty compelling for outsourced cooking (including delivery) to effectively pay for itself out of the savings incurred by paying for ingredients and cooking equipment in bulk.

We’ve rarely had good experience with takeout services, but as our family cook if we had more diverse options to choose from and/or if the more ho hum options were less expensive, maybe we’d try more often? Hooray for economics, I guess. With the spate of (Mothers Day oriented?) articles on the web bemoaning the lack of domestic work contributed by dads, the feminist in me would be inclined to cheer on this development as well.

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