Gen X Is a Mess 

The New York Times has lost it’s generational mind or at least the tried and true anti-Millennial clickbait isn’t working anymore.

As “Reality Bites” celebrates its 25th anniversary; as groups like Bikini Kill, Wu-Tang Clan and Hootie & the Blowfish reunite for tours; as generational idols like Ani DiFranco and Liz Phair publish memoirs; and as the first real Gen X candidates make a run for president, Gen X is in the air.

Wtf. This is your thesis? “In the air.”

And you know what else Gen X is? Getting older.

The newspaper of record everyone.

Its oldest members are 54; its youngest are preparing for 40.

Maths are fun, but this article not so much. It fails as a nostalgia trip and offers no insight for the uninitiated looking for a map.

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