Watchmen, Not Game of Thrones, Proved to Be HBO’s Show of the Decade 

Nathan Mattise writing for Ars Technica:

Whatever you might have admired about Thrones, Watchmen ultimately had it and did it better. Elaborately imagined worlds with deeply intricate histories and rules? Robert Redford has been president for several decades, Vietnam is a state, reparations exist (but cell phones don’t), and squids fall from the sky…. And when it comes to leaving audiences with something to think about, it’s not even much of a comparison. Watchmen not only had the more surprising plot, but it had more philosophical ideas, too…. [T]he show touched on the audacity of privilege (Veidt wanting to “earn” everything himself and telling Trieu to do the same), the inescapability of one’s past, and the negative impacts of choosing masks (literal in their world; more like social media personifications, message board muscles, and the like in ours).

Game of Thrones was great. I loved it. Did not even hate the last season like many folks, but Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen is a genuine triumph.

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