• 2014-10-30 6:48 PM

    I wrote a review of the new beer journaling app TapCellar It’s a great app, you should check it out even if you don’t read my review.

  • 2014-10-30 2:29 PM

    Drew Linzer tweets: “A good election forecast zeroes in on the correct outcome as quickly as possible, without overreacting to daily noise ... read more

  • 2014-10-30 1:47 AM

    Every mobile app attempts to expand until it’s a social network. Those apps which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can. ... read more

  • 2014-10-29 11:28 PM

    Great podcast interview: The Nerdist with Grant Morrison.

  • 2014-10-29 8:20 PM

    When you say “ethics,” I hear “my preferences.”

  • 2014-10-29 6:23 PM

    “[A]n experimental manipulation of an election is–in practice–equivalent to a “reform” of election administration.” – John Patty, Ethics, ... read more

  • 2014-10-27 8:31 PM

    “Once companies reach a certain scale online, they have a tendency to decide that while they love the Internet, they would like a better ... read more

  • 2014-10-23 10:14 AM

    “OS X Balboa and OS X Palisades are going to look great.” – Khoi Vinh

  • 2014-10-22 2:34 PM

    Engine Company No. 3 is gorgeous and tasty.

  • 2014-10-21 10:18 PM

    Back at Draft and Vessel.

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