• 2015-01-30 3:11 PM

    “Verisign, the registry responsible for .NET, is raising its costs by $0.61.” I feel a great disturbance in the Internet, as if millions ... read more

  • 2015-01-24 6:35 PM

    “Kids will think it’s funny that their ancestors used to stare at glowing rectangles hoping to suspend disbelief.” – Chris Dixon on ... read more

  • 2015-01-24 6:21 PM

    AT&T: Give us $10 per month to access your existing family plan data bucket. Me: Okay and how much more data do I get in my bucket per ... read more

  • 2015-01-24 12:39 PM

    “If you are going out to eat with a small group, I recommend two stops. No, don’t eat any more food than usual, but distribute your meal ... read more

  • 2015-01-23 4:04 PM

    “I came of age in San Francisco working at a software startup during the dot com boom. The cyberpunks and the geeks were my friends. We ... read more

  • 2015-01-17 1:53 AM

    “Time was when you could beat a man to death with a Western Electric handset, and then wipe off the blood and use it for another twenty ... read more

  • 2015-01-11 7:59 PM

    The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) ★★★★☆

  • 2015-01-06 10:55 PM

    “I hate the word “Obamacare” and will not use it. It’s a derisive term that has been embraced for some reason by ACA/Obama supporters. It ... read more

  • 2015-01-06 9:36 PM

    Nona Willis Aronowitz for The Atlantic’s CityLab on Why These Midwest Millennials Are Choosing Milwaukee Over Chicago: “Milwaukee, a city ... read more

  • 2015-01-05 3:26 PM

    Trey Anastasio performed “holding his acoustic guitar and wearing his heart on his sleeve” for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts. Set List “Sleep ... read more

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