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I was elected with 78% of the vote by the people of Minnesota’s 5th District, not the Alabama Republican Party. If you want to clean up politics, maybe don’t nominate an accused child molester as your Senate candidate?

– Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Twitter to Alabama Republicans who moved to support a resolution calling for her expulsion from the House

The Thriving Field of State Politics 

As political scientists, we are used to other fields parachuting in and claiming to “discover” things we have known for decades.

– Chris W. Bonneau and Kristin Kanthak in an excellent rejoinder to a crummy article in the The Chronicle of Higher Education

Kieron Gillen on Motivation 

Better get back to it. There’s a scotch egg in the fridge I can eat once I’ve got something checked off my To Do list, and I crave the congress of meat, egg and breadcrumbs.

Actually… this newsletter is something on my to-do list, and now it’s done.

Trump Is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism 

Trump probably couldn’t bottle up the hideous forces he’s helped unleash even if he wanted to, and there’s little sign he wants to. If the president never did or said another racist thing, said [Daryl Johnson, a former senior terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security], “it’s still going to take years for the momentum of these movements to slow and to die down.” As it is, Trump’s grudging anti-racism is unlikely to last the week. The memory of the mayhem he’s inspired should last longer.

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