Apple Defends Its Decision to Allow Infowars in the App Store 

It might not be Apple-like or right, but it shouldn’t be surprising.

However important the iTunes Podcast Directory, its value approximates zero in comparison to the App Store. My assumption is that Apple treads lightly with the App Store primarily to avoid coming under any regulatory scrutiny and potential government interference with what is perhaps the core pillar of the iPhone experience.

Add the Infowars dilemma to a growing pile of evidence that the reputations wrapped around our beomouth conglomerates are exposed to too many facets for their own longevity.

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Given the inability of the so called Democratic Party in Wisconsin to rally around a single challenger for Republican incumbent Scott Walker, a endorsement from favorite son Justin Vernon seems like a big deal.

Amazon’s Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 28 Lawmakers, A.C.L.U. Says 


The errors emerged as part of a larger test in which the civil liberties group used Amazon’s facial software to compare the photos of all federal lawmakers against a database of 25,000 publicly available mug shots. In the test, the Amazon technology incorrectly matched 28 members of Congress with people who had been arrested, amounting to a 5 percent error rate among legislators.


The test disproportionally misidentified African-American and Latino members of Congress as the people in mug shots.

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