There’s No Good Way to Determine Electability Other Than Holding Elections 

Seth Masket:

[C]oncerns about electability become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Women and people of color may be just as interested in holding office as whites, but they are regularly told that doing so would be a long shot and would hurt their party’s chances, and so many of them (quite possibly the most qualified candidates) decline to run. Presumed to be unelectable, few are elected. And those who do run are often taken less seriously by political elites and observers, and thus given less support and media attention.

Hulu + Marvel TV with Live Ghost Rider and Helstrom Series 

What was once Netflix now appears to be all things Hulu, with Marvel and the streaming service (both coincidentally controlled by Disney and an integral part of the company’s entire Disney+ streaming service rollout) announcing that the Marvel Universe would be expanding to include two new live-action series set in the world of the Spirits of Vengeance: Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Marvel’s Helstrom – both set to premiere in 2020.

It’s good Disney found something for Jeph Loeb to do.

Sanders Unveils New Organizing App 

The app allows everyday supporters to contribute to the campaign’s voter database by logging names and background information of anyone from a family member to a stranger met at a bus stop. It matches each name to a voter record before noting their level of support, priority issue and even union membership.

Brand new reason not to talk to Bernie Bros.

Conservatives Weaponizing Public Records Requests to Attack Public School Professors 

My friend Ari Kohen is (once again) being harassed by conservative activists. This time a conservative lawyer made a request to search his computer under Nebraska’s Public Records Act – nominally because he called out interns serving a Republican member of Congress for being photographed while displaying the 👌 hand gesture in the winking way of white supremacy which has become popular amongst a certain set of young right-wingers. As it turns out, one of the interns happened to be a student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln where Ari is a professor of Political Science and Judaic Studies.

Of course since Ari’s criticism of the photographed pose was unrelated to the student-as-a-student and additionally it seems the student was never a student of his, as expected the search of his university computers didn’t turn up anything interesting related to the request for data containing the student’s name or “Turning Point USA” a conservative organization that the student seems to be associated with.

But as Ari says:

The point of this search wasn’t to inquire into matters of public record. It was to harass several university personnel into silence. This is the FOURTH such search for one of my colleagues in under two years. It’s designed to chill speech…so I’m committed to be loud about it.

It’s both incredibly depressing and not at all surprising that conservative activists are choosing to spend their time attacking academics these days. It’s much easier than confronting the rot within the Republican Party.

Men from Denison University Chased a Woman at the University of Pittsburgh for Scavenger Hunt 

The men were seen jumping out of a dark silver Honda around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Fifth and Ruskin avenues and chasing after a woman, according to Pitt police.... The students told investigators they were participating in a scavenger hunt and said one of the tasks was to “scare someone,” according to Pitt police.

Here’s hoping this isn’t written-off as “boys being boys.”

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