Help if You Can and Stay Off the Hashtags 

I’ve told you many many times, it’s a loud world now and the churn is high.  Listen and learn. Be mindful.  Even out here on the Thames Delta, where some of us think this is all happening a very long way away – it never really is. And stay safe. You already know all this…. But in case anyone actually for some reason needs to see me say it: fuck racism, defund militarised police, and, while we’re at it, fuck transphobes too.

– Warren Ellis, in his newsletter “Orbital Operations”

Coronavirus Risks and How to Avoid Them 

Tips for living in a world with Covid-19 from a biologist who studies infectious diseases:

So throughout most of the country we are going to add fuel to the viral fire by reopening. It’s going to happen if I like it or not, so my goal here is to try to guide you away from situations of high risk.

Seems helpful. Go read it.

Zoom’s Biggest Rivals Are Coming for It 

Mike Isaac and Sheera Frenkel for The New York Times:

Late last month, Philipp Schindler, Google’s chief business officer, held a videoconference with thousands of the search giant’s employees using Google Meet… his young son stumbled into view of the camera and asked if his father was talking to his co-workers on Zoom. Mr. Schindler tried correcting him, but the boy went on to say how much he and his friends loved using Zoom.

How many more weeks (days?) before Zoom becomes a genericized trademark?

The World We Return To 

Jeffery Zeldman has Covid-19 and he’s been blogging about it and he seems (appropriately) cranky which probably means he’s turned the corner and returning back to health:

Somewhere, surely, there’s a postal worker who contracted a fatal case of the virus while delivering junk mail to a dead woman.

Happy to read he’s beating this thing.

Best Marvel Comics to Binge Read on Marvel Unlimited 

Den of Geek:

We’re going to skip over some of the obvious ones and point you towards hidden gems, the harder to find stories that fill in the edges of the Marvel Universe and make it such a rich, lush experience. We are also looking for monster runs that will keep you occupied – you can read six issues in one sitting with no danger of nearing the end. Some of these might take you an entire round of social distancing to finish.

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