Gabe Weatherhead likes iOS 9, Slack, and craft brewing:

While 2015 doesn’t hold a candle to the visions I had as a pre-teen in the seventies, it’s still pretty great. I never imagined the possibilities of the Internet and even Star Trek tricorders were bigger and more limited than my own pocket computer is now. For the first time since I saw the NeXT computer I’m bullish on the future of computers and software. Now, let’s work on all these defects in humanity.

Reserving my own optimism until the new Apple TV debuts.

All-New All-Jew 

Brian Michael Bendis on the All-New All-Different Guardians of the Galaxy and their new lineup:

The other cool thing is that with Kitty Pryde and Ben Grimm on the team, we have my goal of having a “Jews In Space” book which is what I pitched when I first came to Marvel.

I hear the new volume of Awesome Mix leans heavily on 70s-era Dylan, Lou Reed, Neil Diamond, and Billy Joel.

Link via Seth (who’s really more of a Beastie Boys man, in these matters).

Don’t hate the silicon, hate the valley:

[I]t’s just very hard to make people start asking critical questions about technology companies in Silicon Valley. These companies have managed to discursively construct the field in such a manner that anybody who questions technology and their products is seen as attacking science or enlightenment or modernity itself. So, for example, any time that I attack Google or Facebook, the default assumption is that I must be this technophobe who lives in the forest and hates modern dentistry. Nobody would say anything of the kind if I was attacking, say, Wall Street or the oil companies.

– Evgeny Morozov (via Buzz)

The Bible says, beware of false prophets. And there are people out there spreading, you know, noise about how much can get done…. We got groups here in town, members of the House and Senate here in town, who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things they know – they know! – are never going to happen.

– Speaker of the House (for a little bit longer) John Boehner (R-OH), on the unrealistic legislative demands being made by some of his fellow Republicans

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