The Economics Behind Grandma’s Tuna Casseroles 

Explaining the food of yesteryear doesn’t require exotic theories about culture and politics. It mostly requires understanding the economics of food production and distribution, and the path dependence of culinary choices. The past is indeed another country, and like every country, it had its own cuisine that made the most of local resources.

– Megan McArdle

Not so shocking that people unashamed to bargain in the shadow of a government shutdown would also threaten their own party’s coalition.


Gabe Weatherhead likes iOS 9, Slack, and craft brewing:

While 2015 doesn’t hold a candle to the visions I had as a pre-teen in the seventies, it’s still pretty great. I never imagined the possibilities of the Internet and even Star Trek tricorders were bigger and more limited than my own pocket computer is now. For the first time since I saw the NeXT computer I’m bullish on the future of computers and software. Now, let’s work on all these defects in humanity.

Reserving my own optimism until the new Apple TV debuts.

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