[S]ome whiskey experts expect this new Pappy to be superior to the original recipe. “I actually expect the Buffalo Trace–distilled Pappy will be better than the older, Stitzel-Weller stuff,” says Mike Veach, a noted bourbon historian. “They’ll have the luxury to pass on inferior product, whereas with the Stitzel-Weller they were stuck with what they had.”

– Paul Wachter, How Pappy Van Winkle Became King of the Whiskeys

[W]hatever word each person is hollering is immensely significant as a proclamation of existence, even if it’s hard to make out what anyone else is saying.

Ruth Padawer

[S]elf-pity, self-martyrdom, an overwhelming sense of your own blamelessness, the certainty that someone else’s victimhood is nothing more than a profitable pose. All culture wars strike these same chords, because all culture wars are at bottom about the same thing: the desperate efforts of the privileged, in an ever-pluralizing America, to cling by their nails to the perquisites of what they’d thought was once their exclusive domain.

Kyle Wagner, The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It’s Gamergate

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