Once companies reach a certain scale online, they have a tendency to decide that while they love the Internet, they would like a better version. And, oh, by the way, they should run it. (All considered, Apple has already pulled off that trick, creating a private enclave of apps that it controls.)

– David Carr, Facebook Offers Life Raft, but Publishers Are Wary

[S]ome whiskey experts expect this new Pappy to be superior to the original recipe. “I actually expect the Buffalo Trace–distilled Pappy will be better than the older, Stitzel-Weller stuff,” says Mike Veach, a noted bourbon historian. “They’ll have the luxury to pass on inferior product, whereas with the Stitzel-Weller they were stuck with what they had.”

– Paul Wachter, How Pappy Van Winkle Became King of the Whiskeys

[W]hatever word each person is hollering is immensely significant as a proclamation of existence, even if it’s hard to make out what anyone else is saying.

Ruth Padawer

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